On the day my Company website goes live, I would like to share why after 20 years of working for exciting organizations, I decided to set up my own consultancy.

The short answer is I truly love shipping. I learnt from the best, and now want to help individuals and organizations to fulfil their dreams and solve their problems. 

I have been working in Marine HR my entire professional life. I made mistakes (and learnt from them). I have met some very inspiring colleagues at every level of organization. I experienced highs of completing complex projects, success of difficult negotiations, the excitement of building the team, elation of celebrating success, pride in achieving great financial results, but also frustration caused by red tape and inefficiency, concern and the sadness of loss and accidents. 

After years of learning what are my values and ambitions; after understanding what is my mission in life, I have decided to dip my toes into my own venture which will focus on helping people on board and ashore to achieve great results; which will translate into coherent, well co-operating teams working safely, and tangible financial success. 

I want to offer my competencies, knowledge and experience to those who want better results on a personal and professional level as individuals and as organizations. I will look into processes and operations and make assessment of their efficiency. 

It is no secret that there is a significant amount of inefficient processes in shipping (from trade to seafarers recruitment) and they have a significant impact on financial performance of every company. The remedy to those inefficiencies doesn’t have to be complex, but may need detangling. 

I want to look at the relationship between shore departments and seafarers, at companies values (real values, not only slogans), at leadership styles and how it is communicated to remote teams at sea. Those men and women at sea are essential to the safety and success of any ship owner and ship manager and the sooner this will be realised, the better. The contractual nature of seafarers employment may be challenging, but there are ways that both groups those working ashore and at sea will work in harmony and unity. 

I want to look at numbers and crewing OPEX which on average constitute a whopping 50% of total operational cost. The aim is to assure that organizations are financially sound and money is invested and spent wisely, and that you receive the best possible return on investment. 

With continuous influx of new regulation (i.e. Ballast Water Treatment, Sulphur Cap 2020), there is a growing pressure on people on board and ashore to be compliant, but what do we do to support our teams? What do we do to truly develop sea and shore personnel? 

I believe we can do so much better in maritime and it is time to take some action; do you need to improve satisfaction of your charterers? Do you need to improve your relationship and safety record? Do you need to get your processes and procedure in order? Do you need help with TMSA compliance?

Let me know and I will be happy to help. You can email me on: joanna.sawh@poseidon-consulting.co.uk

Stay well,